Window design with respect to thermal performance.


Design of heating systems.


Natural ventilation for crown court: developing statistical assessment techniques at the design stage.

The ventilation performance of a proposed naturally-ventilated court-room was predicted and assessed on a statistical basis with regard to the local meteorological conditions. Summertime ventilation was to be provided via an underfloor duct and controllable vents at roof levels, under the action of wind and buoyancy forces. Wind pressure coefficients expected on the external facade of the building were obtained from wind tunnel measurements on a scale model.

Further studies of passive ventilation systems - assessment of design and performance criteria.

Increases in building air tightness for purposes of energy saving have, unfortunately, also led to a significant increase in the number of instances of condensation damage, particularly in domestic properties. The cost effective control of condensation is a large problem in the United Kingdom, especially for local authorities with large housing stocks.

Letter from America.