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Multizone cooling model for calculating the potential of night time ventilation.

One of the options to increase the energy efficiency of buildings in the cooling season, is to extract heat from the building envelope during the night by natural or forced ventilation. The exploitation of this technique by architects and designers requires the development of guide lines and a predesign tool showing how the potential cooling power depends on the influence of opening sizes and positions and on the interaction with the thermal mass.

Ventilation efficiency measurements in a test chamber with different ventilation and cooling systems.

Cooling ceilings are more and more proposed, in order to eliminate excess heat in office buildings without consuming much energy in air transport. On the other hand, piston ventilation is proposed to efficiently eliminate contaminants. These two systems may however interact and experiments were planned to look at these interactions. Measurements of the age of air and air change efficiency were performed, together with more classical temperature and air velocity measurements, on various ventilation systems installed in the test chamber of Sulzer Infra, in Winterthur.