Hazardous heating and ventilating conditions in housing.


The influence of flue sharing on venting performance.


Combustion venting training course: student manual.


Condensing boilers in UK housing - an opportunity for energy saving investment.

The paper outlines the design concept of the condensing boiler and its application in domestic heating systems and discusses the energy savings, investment opportunities and other benefits that can be realised. It also examines the potential market for condensing boilers and some initiatives that are aimed at promoting them in regard to both the end user and the heating designer and installer.

Carbon monoxide problems from new furnaces.

Several case studies from the Iowa State University Extension show that carbon monoxide hazards exist even with new gas appliances. Proper installation and analysis are key to avoiding or solving these problems.

Condensing boilers in local authority family housing.


The advanced combustion woodburning fireplace. An alternative efficient residential heating system.

 Fireplaces have occupied an important place in North American households for more than 400 years. They have acted as a place where the food was cooked, where people gathered around to talk at the end of the day and hopefully, where they could get warm. Even today, builders find it difficult to sell a new house which does not have a fireplace. However, housing characteristics have changed remarkably, particularly over the last 25 years.