Condensation Problems in Flat Wood-Frame Roofs

Flat wood-frame house roofs with insulation applied between joists are susceptible to condensation problems in cold climates. Investigation of difficulties experienced in a wood-frame row housing project in Eastern Canada showed that many interrelated factors contribute to the occurrence of problems and demonstrated that control of air leakage through the ceiling is the one primary requirement for successful performance.

The superinsulated home book.

Outlines the fundamentals of insulation and airtightness, proper air quality, and ventilation. Presents details of design and construction for walls, roofs, foundations, windows, and air-vapour barriers, as well as discussions of ventilation systems, heating systems, appliances and methods of testing and evaluation. One of the appendices gives weather data for selected US and Canadian cities. Aims to be accessible to the interested layperson or homeowner.

An investigation of operational factors that influence emission rates from gas appliances

Reports the result of investigation of the impact of various operational factors on trace combustion products emission rates from unvented gas appliances including ranges and space heaters. The impact of the following factors on the indoor NO, NO2 and CO emission rates were evaluated under controlled conditions in an environmental chamber - 1) the appliance typeand/or design, 2) the primary aeration level, 3) the fuel input rate, 4) the time dependence of emission rates, and 5) the presence of absorbing surfaces such as wood, plaster board, curtains, carpets, linoleum and plaster.

Measurements of air flows through cracks between building components

Describes a simple device which pressurises an enclosed volume of air adjacent to individual components in the building fabric. The air flow through the crackage is measured and the interdependence of the flow rate and pressure is examined. Windows, floors, loft traps and suspended ceilings are examined. A simple relationship is found to be applicable to individual components but no universal relationship is found for a general range of components with superficially similar cracks.

Measurement of air leakage characteristics of house enclosures.

Reports results of series of tests on 6 single-family houses to determine rates of overall leakage through windows, doors, walls and ceilings. Uses vane- axial fan to reduce pressures inside house and measure flowrate and resultant pressure differences across house enclosure. Purpose of tests was to assist in eliminating rates of air infiltration in houses.