Air leakage at service penetrations in ceilings. Luftlekkasjer ved gjennomforinger i tak.

Work has been in progress for several years on the revision of Byggeforeskrifter (Norwegian Building Regulations), and the new chapter 54 sets quantitative requirements for the air tightness of sections of a building and the building as a whole. In this project, good and bad solutions are illustrated and an effort is made to show the importance of good workmanship. The commonest types of leakage were identified by examination of Leca pipes.The conclusion drawn from the investigations was that Leca pipes should be surface treated to prevent large air leakages.

Home insulation.

Investing in insulation is a good way to reduce energy consumption in the home. The homeowner must determine where adding insulation will be most cost effective. Attics are usually the place to start, followed by floors and walls. Since there is a wide variety of material on the market, thedo-it-yourselfer must choose carefully and install them with proper regard for ventilation and vapour barriers. Even if the work is performed by a contractor, the informed homeowner will benefit by his knowledge of materials and procedures.