Is air conditioning a waste of energy?


Inefficient legislation.


Ontario building code part 9: mechanical ventilation proposals demonstration.

This document is the final report on a field assessment of proposed revisions to Article 9.32 of the Ontario Building Code. In the fall of 1992, Buchan, Lawton, Parent Ltd. was commissioned by the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, on behalf of a group of Project Partners comprised of government agencies and industry groups1, in order to undertake a field assessment of the residential construction industry's ability to install mechanical ventilation systems for houses to meet the requirements of the proposed Revisions.

Assessment of energy impact of ventilation and infiltration of the French regulations for residential buildings.

Ventilation is necessary to insure acceptable indoor air quality as well as to protect the building itself against damage due to condensation Ventilation rates however, must not lead to excessive energy consumption In order to comply with these requirements of hygiene, comfort and energy savings, French regulations stipulate that the ventilation of dwellings has to be general and continuous and achieved by specific systems by which fresh air is provided to the dwellings.

Understanding smoke management and control.


Healthy workplaces