Minimising air infiltration in office buildings.


Using pressure extension tests to improve radon protection of UK housing.

In order to demonstrate conformity with the current Building Regulations, many house builders are incorporating sumps beneath the ground floor construction of houses within the designated Radon Affected Areas. These sumps will allow for later depressurisation of the below ground floor construction and thereby prevent radon passage to the internal building environment. There are concerns regarding the costs of these measures and also the potential for these sumps to be used by vermin as nesting sites as well as their effectiveness.

Natural ventilation of parking garages: dimensioning of ventilation units with the assistance of air flow models.

Garages require ventilation because the exhaust fumes produced by the vehicles have to be discharged. This can be achieved with a mechanical or a natural ventilation system. A natural ventilation system has several important advantages compared w

French ventilation in dwellings.

Describes how basic studies (detailed simulations) have been used to define the calculation of energy losses due to ventilation in French regulations, and the "ongoing" research aiming towards a better assessment of air quality.

Monitoring indoor air quality