An automated apparatus for air infiltration measurements with tracer gases.

This paper describes the activity on Air Infiltration and Ventilation of the research group of "Dipartimento di Energetica" in Politecnico of Turin. The group formed in 1988 and only at the beginning of 1990 it began to work on multizone flow analysis. The aim of the group is to set up an apparatus for air infiltration measurement comparable to those of other countries; up to now only measurements using decay technique were made in laboratory in a scale-model which represents a two-zone system.

Superposition in infiltration modeling.


1990 Survey of current research into air infiltration and related air quality problems in buildings.

This, the fifth survey, is based on summaries received from researchers following the distribution of a survey form (Appendix A) to organisations thought likely to be involved in air infiltration and indoor air quality research.

Combining air infiltration and exhaust ventilation.


"Mad air" is a major infiltration source.


Case studies in air infiltration modelling.


A perspective on the AIVC.

The AIVC nowadays is an established Centre on infiltration and ventilation research. It is well known throughout the world. This position has not been reached easily. But years of hard working and critical managing of the Centre were a necessity. Goes on to discuss the future development of the Centre.