Healthy Buildings Europe 2021 [AIVC sponsored]
21 - 23 June 2021 | Norway
Online on a digital platform hosted from Oslo, Norway
08:00 Europe/Brussels

Organized every 2 years, during years with no Indoor Air conference, Healthy Buildings conferences bridge the gap between science and profession, making it one of the most influential conferences on best-practice sustainable solutions for the indoor environment.

We are planning a wonderful programme around digital attandence. If the COVID-19 situation improves in the spring of 2021, we will also invite you to optional physical attendence in Oslo, and share with you the midsummer delights in one of the world's most sustainable and beautiful harbour cities [*]. We also plan a joint summer school with Healthy Buildings 2021 - America.

Healthy Buildings Europe 2021 is organized by OsloMet (Oslo Metropolitan University), SINTEF and NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), under the auspices of ISIAQ (International Society for Indoor Air Quality).

The conference topics include four important D's:

  • Decarbonization: of the European building stock by 2050. Deep energy renovation of buildings and neighbourhoods without compromising indoor health. We need improved LCA-methods to evaluate embodied energy in buildings and fittings.
  • Digitization: Increasing automation and sensor tech opens up opportunities to optimize the design, operation, and IEQ of new or refurbished nZEB buildings. However, technically advanced sensor-based control (e.g. demand-controlled ventilation) have many practical challenges.
  • Dwellings: How can we achieve healthy homes with increased urbanization? Community-scale measures, such as outdoor air quality regulation, urban canyon issues, heat island effects & climate adaptation (heat and extreme rainfall) for urban buildings.
  • Disease: We spend more time indoors, with exposure ourselves to multiple pollutant sources and microbes. The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to an astounding increace in research / knowledge on the transmittance of respiratory diseases in the buildings.

We have introduced a number of great innovations to the Healthy Buildings conference programme:

  • In addition to the traditional scientific content, we are introducing a new kind of workshop that we call 'practice sessions'. These will be seminars or mini-courses where you can learn the latest best-practice knowledge, and you can ask the experts first-hand! These will appeal to all, professionals and scientists alike. These sessions will be developed in collaboration with experts, professional organizations and companies.
  • The conference will have two kinds of publications:
    • Scientific/technical/review papers (Full papers): A Double-blind 2-stage peer-reviewed proceedings will be published by an Open Access academic publisher, guaranteed publishing points by Nordic research-councils!
    • Applications/case-study papers (Short papers): We also welcome contributions related to "real life" application/technical issues from everyday practice. This suitable for contributors with little or no experience with publishing, and for preliminary or small studies. This is an active option for practitioners/professionals, students and early-career researchers.
    • Selected papers (short or full) will be invited to submit an expanded version to a special issue of Wiley journal Indoor Air.
    • Fully interactive online event, and if possible, some events physically in Oslo.
    • A rich social programme, both for online or physical attendance.

For more information please visit the conference website at: