18-19 April 2024, AIVC/ASC Workshop, Singapore, "Ventilation, IEQ & Sustainability"
18 - 19 April 2024 | Singapore
Surbana Jurong Campus
11:59 Europe/Brussels

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) in collaboration with the ASHRAE Singapore Chapter (ASC) organised a 1 ½ -day workshop held on April 18-19, 2024 in Singapore. The workshop was led by experts from the AIVC and the ASHRAE Singapore Chapter. It wasintended for engineers, architects, and other professionals who wanted to learn more about ventilation, IEQ and sustainability.

The event took place at the Surbana Jurong Campus.

The workshop main themes included:

  1. Optimising Indoor Air Quality for Climate Resilience: Ventilation Strategies in the Face of the Climate Crisis
  2. Reducing Carbon Footprints: The Role of Energy-efficient Ventilation Technologies
  3. Smart Building Automation for Climate-Adaptive Ventilation

The workshop was followed by a technical site visit on April 19.


Day 1 – Thursday 18 April 2024
Optimizing Indoor Air Quality for Climate Resilience
09:00Welcome addressPraveen Hassan Chandrashekar (SJ Consultants Pte. Ltd., SG) 
09:15Indoor air quality risk assessment and management in SingaporeShuzhen Sim (National Environment Agency, SG) 
09:35Overview of AIVC, Tightvent, venticool and IEQ-GAArnold Janssens (AIVC Operating Agent/Ghent University, BE) 
09:45Quantitative Assessment Framework of IAQ Resilience in BuildingsHilde Breesch & Douaa Al-Assaad (KU Leuven, BE)Abstract
10:15ASHRAE 241 - Impact on Air Filtration RecommendationsTobias Zimmer (Camfil, DE) 
10:45Coffee Break
11:05An overview of ASHRAE Standard 62.1Chandra Sekhar (National University of Singapore, SG) 
11:30ASHRAE 241-2023 Control of Infectious AerosolsMax Sherman (Vice Chairman of ASHRAE Standard 241, USA) 
11:55International Standards for the Indoor Environment - Revision of ISO17772-1 dealing with Indoor Environmental QualityBjarne Olesen (IEA Annex 78 & 87 Operating Agent/ Technical University of Denmark, DK)Abstract
12:20Panel DiscussionModerator: Praveen Hassan Chandrashekar (SJ Consultants Pte. Ltd., SG) 
13:00Lunch Break
Reducing Carbon Footprints: The Role of Energy efficient Ventilation Technologies
14:00Digital Twins for the Built Environment - IAQ & Energy EfficiencyRohan Rawte (IES Ltd., SG) 
14:20Can gas phase air cleaning partly substitute outside air? Results of Annex 78Pawel Wargocki (IEA Annex 78 Operating Agent, Technical University of Denmark, DK)Abstract
14:40Defining KPI for smart ventilation in the new French regulationValérie Leprince (Cerema, FR)Abstract
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Indoor Air Quality Procedure MethodPornput (Joe) Jarumongkonsak (ZiFiSense Asia, TH) 
15:50Ventilation and IAQ in US Schools: Systems, Strategies and Extreme events Iain Walker (LBNL, USA)Abstract
16:10Well-being, learning efficiency and ventilationPawel Wargocki (IEA Annex 78 Operating Agent, Technical University of Denmark, DK)Abstract
16:30Panel DiscussionModerator: Tsubasa Bolt 
17:00End of Day 1
Day 2 – Friday 19 April, 2024
Smart Building Automation for Climate-Adaptive Ventilation
09:00The balance between EE and IAQMakoto Shibahara (SCx Solutions Pte Ltd, SG) 
09:20Evaluation methods for demand controlled ventilation systems: the persistence of the equivalence principleJelle Laverge (IEA Annex 86 Operating Agent/ Ghent University, BE)Abstract
09:40Operation and maintenance of residential mechanical ventilation systems in homes

Iain Walker (LBNL, USA)

10:00Durability and maintenance of smart ventilation components: analysis of the ventilation performance after 15 years of use of Humidity-based DCV systemsValérie Leprince (Cerema, FR)Abstract
10:20Using wearable and IoT data to better understand buildings and citiesClayton Miller (National University of Singapore, SG) 
10:40Coffee break
11:10Personal Environmental Control Systems (PECS): Fundamentals, Opportunities and ChallengesOngun Berk Kazanci (IEA Annex 87 Operating Agent/Technical University of Denmark, DK)Abstract
11:30Towards effective mixed-mode ventilation in the tropicsAdrian Chong (National University of Singapore, SG) 
11:50Unlocking active sustainable design with energy-efficient ventilation strategiesKeith Tan (ebm-papst SEA Pte Ltd, SG) 
12:10Panel DiscussionModerator: Srimannarayana NCVK (Akila., SG) 
12:40ConclusionsSrimannarayana NCVK (Akila, SG) & Arnold Janssens (AIVC Operating Agent/Ghent University, BE) 
13:00Lunch & networking
15:00Surbana Jurong Campus Technical Tour
16:00Start to Dulwich College
16:30Dulwich College Technical Tour
17:00End of Technical Tour


For more information please follow this link: https://www.ashrae.org.sg/events/aivc-asc-joint-workshop/