International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 7, 2008-2009

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Recent studies have demonstrated the influence that air jets in rooms ventilated by chilled beams have on draught-related thermal sensation.
Guangyu Cao, Jarek Kurnitski, Mika Ruponen, Panu Mustakallio and Olli Seppänen
This paper presents the preliminary findings from the first stage of a physical survey and modelling case study conducted to obtain modelled and actual energy consumption profiles for a UK multi-storey mixed use educational building (the Bute buil
Knight I, Stravoravdis S and Lasvaux S.
A number of methods have been used to quantify the cooling effects of air movement on the human body. For simplicity these methods limit the number of variables influencing the effect.
Aynsley R.
The UK climate is moderately mild and natural ventilation by window opening and passive ‘trickle’ vents is very common.
David A. Coley
Roof thermal performance is one of the most important factors for achieving indoor thermal comfort in a tropical house designed for natural cross ventilation.
Bin Su and Richard Aynsley
Convective heat and mass transfer through large internal openings play an important role in the aero-thermal behaviour of buildings. These phenomena become even more dominant in the case of naturally ventilated buildings.
Y. Boukhris, L. Gharbi and N. Ghrab-Morcos
The airflow rate of a building ventilated by wind is usually predicted by using the wind pressure coefficients obtained for a sealed building and discharge coefficients based on measuring the airflow characteristics through an opening in a sealed
Tomohiro Kobayashi, Kazunobu Sagara, Toshio Yamanaka, Hisashi Kotani, Shogo Takeda and Mats Sandberg
Effective planning of building ventilation, whether passive or mechanically assisted, requires detailed information about external air temperature.
Williamson T and Erell E.
The advantage of conventional personalized ventilation (PV) is to considerably improve the fresh air percentage near PV air terminal devices (ATDs). However, the distribution of the fresh air percentage is very uneven in the field.
Yang Bin and S.C. Sekhar
The UK Building Regulations regarding the provision of openings to promote natural ventilation of dwellings were modified in 2006 and, with the increased demand for sealing of structures to prevent the ingress of unwanted air, there is the possibi
Ward I.
Hong Kong’s climate is sub-tropical. It has hot and humid weather during summer and more temperate weather during the winter. The façade accounts for more than 50% of the peak cooling load in office buildings.
Matthias Haase and A. Amato
The well-known case of a simple naturally ventilated building with two openings, uniform internal temperature and opposing wind and buoyancy forces is re-visited.
D.W. Etheridge