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Volume 13: 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

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This paper presents results from an on-going project concerning new design procedures for mechanical ventilation systems with low energy use.
mechanical ventilation | low pressure drop | fan efficiency | low energy use
Very often the set point temperature is selected to satisfy comfort requirements and/or to save energy consumption in buildings.
zonal model | heating | ventilation and air-conditioning systems | PMV and PPD
A turbulent jet is the most important flow element in mechanical ventilation. Mixing ventilation is based on the properties of turbulent jets.
kinetic momentum flux | impinging jet | reaction force | digital balance
This paper describes the effect of outward opening the sash of a window on local and overall wind pressures. Wind tunnel experiments were used for the purpose of evaluation.
natural ventilation | wind pressure coefficient | Centre-pivot roof window | wind tunnel
As natural wind is continuously fluctuating in both speed and direction, quantifying instantaneous wind-driven natural ventilation rate can be difficult, and often an average effect is used to stab
natural ventilation | cross ventilation | ventilation rates | orifice equation | discharge coefficients
Air quality in a classroom is very important.
ventilation rate | legislation | Concentration of Carbon Dioxide | experimental measurement | volume airflow | mass flow | classroom | CO2