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Volume 11: 2012-2013

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 11, 2012-2013   

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 11, 2012-2013 

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An urban heat island results in higher urban temperatures than the surrounding area and is considered as the most documented phenomenon of climate change.
Urban Ventilation | Urban microclimate | Heat Island | cooling | thermal comfort | rehabilitation
The aim of this paper is to illustrate the impact of urban wind environments when assessing the availability of natural ventilation.
buildings | CFD simulation | natural ventilation | urban airflow | urban building layout | wind
The prevailing paradigm in indoor environment control of office buildings often excludes natural ventilation, due to the fact that its dynamic nature may not be compatible with the close control of
natural ventilation | tall office buildings | segmentation | dynamic thermal simulation | airflow network model | ventilated cavity
Stratified ventilation systems use a fundamentally different approach to supply heated or cooled air through a building than the ‘fully mixed and dilution’ ventilation systems found in the majority
stratified ventilation | displacement ventilation | hydronic heating | IAQ | thermal comfort | school
In this work the evaluation of indoor air quality in a classroom equipped with cross-flow ventilation is presented.
air quality | experimental and numerical method | tracer gas | cross flow ventilation | Classrooms | air renovation rate | Airflow rate | school
The accurate prediction of particle deposition in ventilation ducts is an important step in estimating the exposure risk of building occupants to particulate matter.
Brownian diffusion | particle deposition | turbulent diffusion | deposition velocity | ventilation ducts