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Volume 10: 2011-2012

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 10, 2011-2012

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 10, 2011-2012

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This paper describes a re-analysis of internal pressure and building ventilation in a single-opening enclosure ventilated by winds.
internal pressure | natural ventilation | single opening | periodic motion | wind | resonance | semi-nonlinear analysis
This study employed large-eddy simulation (LES) to investigate wind-driven single-sided natural ventilation for an idealized building model located in an urban environment.
Single-sided natural ventilation | urban environment | large-eddy simulation | Airflow rate | effective ventilation rate
A model tunnel (approximately ten hydraulic diameters) with different designs of the tunnel mouth has been placed in a wind tunnel and has been subjected to the effects of external wind by varying
tunnel | wind tunnel | external wind | tunnel ventilation | airflow | fire | smoke movement
Although it has been used for many years in commercial buildings, the application of demand controlled ventilation in residences is limited.
demand controlled ventilation | airflow rates | equivalent dose | acute to chronic exposure | effectiveness
This study copes with the problem of ventilation in existing educational environments in terms of indoor air quality (AIQ), comfort and energy consumption.
schools | ventilation | indoor air quality | environmental comfort | energy consumption | carbon dioxide | particulate matter
The ‘Wind-Rain’ House, was designed by the New Zealand architect, Nigel Cook.
house | house passive design | Indoor thermal comfort | ‘Wind-Rain’ House | house energy efficiency