International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 1, 2002-2003

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It is well known that iterative solution processes can lead to divergence when dealing with coupled airflow and thermal analyses for buildings ventilated either naturally or by a mixed-mode system.
Yuguo Li
A Moisture Admittance Model, which takes into account absorption and desorption, has been developed to simulate moisture behaviour in dwellings.
Plathner P., Ross D.
This paper examines the impact on domestic background air infiltration of replacing ‘old windows’ with modern double-glazed and draught sealed windows, both with and without controllable ventilation (e.g. trickle ventilators).
Ridley I., Fox J., Oreszczyn T., Hong S.H.
The ventilated ceiling is a flexible solution for kitchen ventilation where heat loads are relatively low and aesthetics is a concern.
Kosonen R., Mustakallio P.
Passive stack ventilation systems have been used for a number of years throughout the world. They were specifically mentioned within the 1995 revision of the Building Regulations for England and Wales as a means of compliance.
Edwards R.
This paper presents an overview of systems that utilise thermal mass in conjunction with night ventilation.
Barnard N., Maunsell F.
The research described in this paper is part of a project aimed at improving energy costs and the indoor environment of atrium buildings.
James T. Reardon, Morad R. Atif, Chia-yu Shaw
This paper reports the results of a study to test two novel procedures to model dynamic thermal conditions of an enclosure within Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Somarathne S., Seymourd M, Kolokotroni M.
The effectiveness of a ventilation system in terms of the age of air and its ability to remove contaminants will be significantly affected if part of the exhaust air is recirculated.
Simons M.W., Waters J.R.
The wind approaching a building provided with openings has to make a choice; i.e. either to flow around the building or to flow through the openings.
Jan Jensen True J.J., Sandberg M., Heiselberg P., Nielsen P.V.
Experimental investigations and CFD simulations were carried out to evaluate the performance of square and circular section wind - driven systems for natural ventilation application in buildings.
Elmualim A.A., Awbi H.B.