The AIVC's collection of technical notes on subjects including ventilation, infiltration, indoor air movement, and measurement techniques.

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One of the aims of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre is to encourage the collection and dissemination of air infiltration and airflow data as well as energy use data arising from programmes of research and experimental investigation.
Harrje D.T., Piggins J.M.
The COMIS workshop (Conjunction of Multlzone Infiltration Specialists) was a Joint research effort to develop a multlzone Infiltration model.
Edited by: Feustel H.E., Raynor-Hoosen A., Allard F., Dorer V.B., Feustel H.E., Rodriguez Garcia E., Grosso M., Herrlin M.K., Mingsheng L., Phaff H.C., Utsumi Y., Yoshino H.
The main objective of this report was to provide an introduction to the subject of contaminant removal effectiveness. Existing literature in this subject area is limited, and tends to be very difficult for a newcomer to understand.
Brouns C., Waters B.
The main objective of this report was to provide a concise introduction into the subject of air change efficiency.
Sutcliffe H.
This document describes preliminary work towards validating models that predict airflow rates between several zones.
Bassett M.
From a viewpoint of energy conservation air infiltration and ventilation have to be minimised.
Trepte L., Haberda F.
This report presents a subject analysis of the entire database and is intended as a reference manual for users wishing to obtain information on a particular topic. 
Janet Blacknell
This forms a summary of the IEA ECBCS Annex VIII study into the behaviour of occupants with regard to ventilation.
Dubrul C.
The objective of this is to review the various definitions associated with ventilation efficiency studies and to outline the physical concepts, measurement methods and calculation techniques.
Liddament M.W.
This document presents the proceedings of the AIVC's Moisture Workshop, held at the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) on 23 March 1987. It includes the opening address by the Hon.
The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre's world wide survey of current research into air infiltration and related topics, provides organisations in participating countries with regularly updated information about ongoing research in this field
Peter Charlesworth
Review of literature on choice of ventilation strategy for residential, industrial and other buildings.
Parfitt Y.
Examines those factors which can influence leakage distribution, including building style, construction quality, materials, ageing, pressure and variations in humidity.
Allen C.