A series of carefully researched and readily accessible publications giving detailed coverage on a range of important topics, and encapsulating the knowledge and experience derived from experts in all the AIVC Member Countries.

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The Ventilation Modelling Data Guide of the AIVC replaces the old Technical Note 44 (1994) which was mainly focused on leakage and wind pressure data presented in tables. The new approach is an interactive database available on CD-Rom.
Orme M., Leksmono N.
A large number of modern European buildings are equipped with ducted air distribution systems.
edited by Carrie F.R., Andersson J., Wouters P.
The purpose of the AIVC's new guide to ventilation is to review ventilation in the context of achieving energy efficiency and good indoor air quality.
Liddament M.W.
A loose-leaf handbook (228 pp) divided into seven chapters covering air change rate, interzonal airflow and building airtightness measurement techniques.
Charlesworth P.S.
'The intention of the Calculation Techniques Guide is to provide researchers and designers with detailed background to air infiltration modelling and to give step-by-step guidance on the application of modelling techniques in design.
Liddament M.W.
This internationally applicable guide to airtightness design solutions is of great practical value to anyone wishing to design dwellings with low pollution and energy demands.
Elmroth A., Levin P.