The 3rd AIVC Conference - Energy efficient domestic ventilation systems for achieving acceptable indoor air quality, was held in London, UK, 20-23 September 1982.

Contains 29 papers.

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Describes a programme of ventilation measurements performed on a group of energy efficient houses built in the mid-1970's and situated in Abertridwr, S.Wales. Pressurization, tracer decay and British Gas autovent techniques were employed.
O'Sullivan P. Jones P.J.
Reports the results of an experimental assessment of the effect of a chimney on the air leakage characteristic of an unoccupied two-storey detached house heated by either gas or electric furnace.
Shaw C.Y., Brown W.C.
Examines several ventilation strategies in tight houses for both impact on the total ventilation and effect on the energy balance of the system.
Sherman M.H. Grimsrud D.T.
Uses mathematical models for formaldehyde concentrations in 3 normal rooms in a single family house to estimate ventilation rates needed to maintain the formaldehyde concentration below the Danish recommended indoor standard (0.15 mg/m*3).
Molhave L.
Describes a window opening survey concerned with identifying the objective correlates of window opening. Finds that the variation between households in terms of their total daily window opening is greater than that within households.
Conan G.
Outlines project where 25 representative dwellings from Birmingham Local Authority Housing stocks were monitored before and after energy retrofitting.
Hildon A. Heap L.J. Trollope M. Watkins R.
Traces the relationship between ventilation needs and methods and the growth of civilization. Describes the development of ventilation methods and assessment of air quality, especially since the Industrial Revolution.
Billington N.S.
Describes a simple method of controlled ventilation comprising an extract system and air inlets.
Johnson K.A. Pitts G.
Distinguishes the problems of designing natural ventilation systems for summer and winter conditions and discusses in detail the objectives, methods and some field studies directed towards the solution of winter ventilation problems.< Describes
Howarth A.T. Burberry P.J. Irwin C. I'Anson S.J.