The 2nd AIVC Conference - Building design for minimum air infiltration, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 September 1981.  

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Contains 16 pages as follows: The role of the Air Infiltration Centre; Introduction to the Air Infiltration Handbook; Indoor air quality and minimum ventilation; Effects of energy conservation measures in existing buildings; A simple method for re
Outlines a method for measuring the air leakage through the surface exteriors of an apartment, by adjusting the pressure of the adjoining apartments to that of the test apartment, so that no air leakage occurs through adjoining walls.
Lundin L.
Two series of pressurisation and ventilation measurements have been made in a low-energy house.
Etheridge D.W. Gale R.
Describes LBL's Mobile Infiltration Test Unit (MITU) which spent the 1980-1981 winter in the field collecting the data required for infiltration modelling.
Modera M.P. Sherman M.H.
This parameter study with the IMG calculation model for ventilation is an attempt at forming some background for decisions relating to the preparation of a standard in the Netherlands.
de Gids W.F.
Describes details of wall and foundation designs that have been used in constructing super-insulated houses on the Canadian prairies. One trend has been the development of the double framing system in which two sets of wall studs are used one
Orr H.W.
Reports on a measurement system developed by the Institute of Technology at Tastrup Denmark, involving a microcomputer- controlled system for registering air change rates using tracer gas (nitrous oxide) according to the constant concentration met
Collet P.F.
Gives a summary of the existing types of air infiltration measurement techniques and instrumentation using tracer gases.
Harrje D. Grot R. Grimsrud P.
The needs, history, procedures, and past case studies for the house doctor approach are outlined.
Harrje D.T. Dutt G.S.
Investigates the effect of energy-saving measures by selecting a large number of multi-family and single-family swedish houses where such measures have been carried out.
Elmroth A. Forslund J. Rolen C.
Measures the air infiltration in individual rooms of a one-storey airtight house, using a special tracer gas measurement technique.
Blomsterberg A.
Reviews important sources of indoor air pollutants, and discusses ways of measuring the contaminants emitted by the presence of man in a room.
Wanner H.U.
The use of sealants and gaskets are often recommended as an effective energy saving measure. However, the energy saved depends on the function of building and ventilation as a total system.
Nylund P.O.