The 20th AIVC and Indoor Air 99 Conference, Ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings, was held in Edinburgh , Scotland, 9-13 August 1999.

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Computer simulation of building airtightness measurements shows the effect of changes inpressure distribution across the building envelope due to wind force and temperature differenceon measurement accuracy.
Geissler A
This technical note considers the performance evaluation of an advanced air-conditioningsystem in a plant manufacturing electrical generators.
Raisanen J, Paakkari A, Niemela R
Air exchange rates of ten residential buildings were measured according to ASTM-E741-83 using SF6 as a decaying tracer.
Alper E, Elkilani A S, Bouhamra W S
This field study was organised to track differential pressure relationships in critical care units of a metropolitan hospital. Maintaining design pressure balances is essential to control risk of airborne disease transmission within these units.
Streifel A J, Bridges B B, Grimsrud D T, Krafthefer B C
Energy-saving improvements in the thermal properties of buildings often have an adverse effect on indoor air quality, leading to risks of structural deterioration.
Baumann M-L, Amphoux A
This present work has theoretically investigated coupled heat and mass exchangemechanisms in counterflow rotary dehumidifier with the mixed desiccant of LiCl and additives,used in air conditioning systems.
Anisimov S
Ventilation filters composed of electrostatically-charged fibers, also referred to as electret filters,are know to have the potential to decrease in filtration efficiency with use.
Hanley J T, Ensor D S, Foarde K K, Sparks L E
The paper presents a study on application of pressurisation tests of selected apartments as a base for analysis of natural ventilation in multi-family building. The analysis has been performed for 5-floor building constructed in late sixties.
Sowa J
Air cleaners are unitary devices that contain filtration media and fans. They are marketed for cleaning air in rooms.
Bohanon H R, Nelson P R, Wilson R K
Indoor and outdoor particle concentrations and ventilation rates were measured versus time ina large office building without tobacco smoking. Periodically, high efficiency filters replacedthe normal filters in air handling systems.
Fisk W J, Faulkner D, Sullivan D P, Mendell M J
The design of natural ventilation systems - the configuration and sizing of system components - assumes one of two generic forms: the nasty form based on thermal comfort criteria or the nice form based on specified airflow rates.
Axley J W
Air recirculation in the new office and laboratory building of the Norwegian Institute for AirResearch was discovered and characterised from a leaking sulphur hexafluoride cylinderstored in the garage.
Rydock J P
The cabin air filter performance is of prime importance for the air quality in vehicles. New clean filters were tested but also filters loaded with actual traffic contaminants. Both laboratory and field measurements were included in the study.
Johansson J, Jansson A, Olander L
This report describe the thermal performance and air distribution of a Kumamoto prefecturalindoor sports ground in Japan.
Sakai K, Ishihara O, Nagano S
Airborne fungi in indoor air has the possibility to cause the air pollution problems of the fungally infection syndrome and the allergy syndrome, etc. in residence environments.
Moriya Y, Miyaji T, Yamayoshi T
Many HVAC systems built in the time between 1960 and 1980 have now reached the end oftheir lifetime and require retrofitting.
Zeidler O, Fitzner K
In apartments of Korea, exhaust-only hood system is commonly installed for kitchen ventilation.
Roh J W, Kim J T
The role of indoor plants as a source of microorganisms was studied in six office rooms.Concentrations of microorganisms (both fungi and actinomycetes) were determined fromindoor air and settled dust before the plants were placed in the office roo
Rautiala S, Haatainen S, Kallunki H, Kujanpaa L, Laitenen S, Miihkinen A, Reiman M, Seuri M
This paper presents ozone removal efficiencies, measured over an extended period of time, inthree different settings: a test plenum, an air handler providing outdoor air to a Class 100cleanroom, and a plenum downstream of an air handler providing
Shields H C, Weschler C J, Naik D
The aim of this study is to illustrate the importance of the effects of wind turbulence on airchange in buildings.
Girault P, Spennato B