The 13th AIVC Conference - Ventilation for Energy Efficiency and Optimum Indoor Air Quality, was held in Nice, France, 14-18 September 1992.

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In well insulated buildings the ventilation heat is sometimes higher than the heat losses by transmission. For a air change rate of 0,8 per hour the specific heat flux must be calculated with 25 w/m², so heat recovery can save some energy.
Steimle F, Schaedlich S
This paper reports the results of humidity and ventilation measurements in occupied residential buildings to study the effect of airborne moisture movement on condensation risks.
Kolokotroni M, Saiz N, Littler J
Draughts due to air inlets are one of the problems to be solved for improving the global performance of mechanical ventilation systems.
Riberon J, Millet J R
Avery largeelectronics factory had beencompletely refurbished, and new mechanical ventilation systems installed.
Waters J R, Brouns C E
A humidity controlled exhaust fan have been tested during the winter season 1991/2. The test have been carried out in a detached one storey house with a flat roof.
Mansson L-G, Boman C-A, Jonsson B-M
Multi-zone models are a common tool for calculating air and contaminant exchange within rooms of a building and between building and outdoors.
Schälin A, Dorer V, Maas J van der, Moser A
Modern one-family houses in Scandinavia built before 1980 are often naturally ventilated and heated by electric baseboard heaters. The overall supply of fresh air is often inadequate during the heating season in many of these houses.
Blomsterberg A
The new building and HVAC technology was used when an EBES multistorey residential building was built in Helsinki.
Laine J, Saari M
This paper deals with the problem of the weather influence on ventilation rate for naturally ventilated buildings with purpose provided openings and vertical shafts.
Adalberth K, Boman C A, Kronvall J, Norlen U
Due to the complexity in describing the simultaneous effects of a number of factors that influence the climate of an attic space it has proven to be difficult to make simulations of it.
Kronvall J, Kvist H, Sandberg P I
This paper investigates quantitatively the energy conservation achieved by balanced ventilation with heat recovery and upstream ground heat exchanger.
Trümper H, Albers K-J, Hain K
Good indoor air quality in buildings becomes such a major concern that new design recommendations emerge in many countries (USA, Nordic Countries,...).
Fleury B
The greenhouse effect is one of those topics in environmental politics which are currently worldwide at stake. There are several national concepts aiming at the diminution of CO2-emission in order to lessen the greenhouse effect.
Mertz G, Roeben J
The classification of outdoor (ambient) air as fresh for the purposes of ventilation is not always appropriate, particularly in urban areas.
Cano-Ruiz J A, Modera M P, Nazaroff W W
By means of parametric analyses, the paper describes how the "constantness" of a Constant Air Volume system is affected by temperature differences resulting from heat load variations or otherwise. Several design related parameters are considered.
Hensen J L M
During the last decade several surveys in Sweden have indicated that the indoor climate in existing schools is unsatisfactory, therefore a thorough project was carried out in Växjö).
Larsson R, Olsson S
A sudden contamination of the outdoor air by some toxic gas can have several causes. The primary goal of the investigation was to determine the protection afforded by sheltering indoors.
Siren K E
A heat recovery system reclaims heat from outgoing stale air, supplying it to incoming fresh air.
Wiltshire R, Littler J
The occupant's behavior with respect to window opening may greatly affect the ventilation system, the energy consumption orland the indoor air quality.
Fleury B, Nicolas C
This report presents the results from the registration throughout a month of relative humidity, temperature and outdoor air exchange as well as the concentration of carbon dioxide in each room of an inhabited single family house, in which all room
Nielsen J B