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GV: A Guide to Energy Efficient Ventilation

The purpose of the AIVC's new guide to ventilation is to review ventilation in the context of achieving energy efficiency and good indoor air quality. It is primarily concerned with providing an introduction to the topic and encapsulates the knowledge and experience derived from experts in all the participating countries of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre. Numerical descriptions have been kept to a minimum, while emphasis is placed on describing ventilation and the decision making involved in selecting and planning for ventilation.

AG: Air exchange rate and airtightness measurement techniques - An application guide

A loose-leaf handbook (228 pp) divided into seven chapters covering air change rate, interzonal airflow and building airtightness measurement techniques.

This guide is concerned with the measurement of those parameters which are important in gaining an understanding of air infiltration and ventilation. The guide has been designed so that the material suited to your particular level of interest or current expertise, is readily accessible.

CT: Air Infiltration Calculation Techniques: An Applications Guide

'The intention of the Calculation Techniques Guide is to provide researchers and designers with detailed background to air infiltration modelling and to give step-by-step guidance on the application of modelling techniques in design. Particular emphasis is placed on providing specific guidelines on the calculation of steady-state air infiltration and on air change rates in industrial, commercial and domestic buildings.

HNBK: Air Infiltration Control in Housing: Handbook

This internationally applicable guide to airtightness design solutions is of great practical value to anyone wishing to design dwellings with low pollution and energy demands. By providing details of good construction practice for a range of countries and climates, the AIVC's original handbook is still relevant today.

LL 32: Hospitals

A literature list on hospitals

LL 31: Air cleaning

A Literature list on air cleaning

LL 30: Use of vegetation to clean indoor air

Use of vegetation to clean indoor air
#NO 3339 Comparative measurements of indoor climate.
Vergleichsmeisingen des Inneklimas.
BIBINF HLH, Vol 40, No 1, January 1989, pp7-12, 16 figs, 23 refs. #DATE 00:01:1989 in German

LL 29: Design for fire/smoke movement

Design for fire/smoke movement
#NO 8904 Review of tunnel fire and smoke simulations. 
AUTHOR Rhodes N 
BIBINF Aerodynamics and ventilation of vehicle tunnels. Conference proceedings, Liverpool, July 1994, Cockram I.Ed., MEP, 471-486, 9 figs, 13 refs. 

LL 28: Ventilation problems in crawlspaces

Ventilation problems in crawlspaces
#NO 6669 Indoor radon reduction in crawl-space houses: a review of alternative approaches.
AUTHOR Hanschel D B
BIBINF Denmark, Indoor Air, No 2, 1992, pp 272-287, 2 figs, 2 tabs, refs. #DATE 00:00:1992 in English