19-08-2014 | EU

The 2013 Conference of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, AIVC, was organized together with the 2nd Cool Roof Conference and the 1st Venticool Conference in Athens, Greece during September 2013. The theme of the Conference was ‘Energy Conservation Technologies for Mitigation and Adaptation in the Built Environment’. Almost 240 papers were selected and presented, describing the state of the art on ventilation, passive and low energy cooling, energy efficiency, urban energy problems and solutions, and cool roofs.

During recent years global climate change and local overheating phenomena, has significantly increase the energy consumption of buildings during the summer period and led to a deterioration in the quality of life in the urban environment. As a result, new mitigation and adaptation technologies are being developed aiming to amortise the problem. Ventilation technologies are also seriously affected by climate change, as the need for energy efficient ventilation becomes more demanding. Many excellent papers were presented. The papers published in this edition of the International Journal of Ventilation are based on a selection of presentations made at the AIVC conference. These were selected because they present important innovative applications and systems and contribute to advance knowledge on the topic of ventilation and ventilative cooling.

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