16-02-2017 | New Zealand

The Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) has recently commissioned a literature review of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) research that has been conducted in New Zealand or addresses issues identified in the New Zealand context. The initial idea was to focus on IAQ in residential houses, however, schools, preschools and age care facilities have also been included. The review looks at the health effects, the pollutants and the building characteristics. The publication with the title “Indoor Air Quality in New Zealand Homes and Schools” is available as a PDF file and can be downloaded from the BRANZ web site at: www.branz.co.nz/books_popup.php?id=22811. The publication has about 120 pages and references more than 350 publication. The literature review is intended to be updated once yearly.

One of the intended uses of the literature review is the preparation for an upcoming workshop on indoor air quality in residential houses. The review will help participants to get a good overview of IAQ research in New Zealand. The workshop will be held early April (exact date and venue will be published on the BRANZ web page at branz.co.nz) and is intended to help consolidate the IAQ research effort in New Zealand and to establish priorities in addressing the knowledge gaps that have been identified. Researchers from construction and health sector, building industry, building officials, policy makers, and the like are sought to participate in the workshop and the discussions. The results from the discussion session will be made available later this year.