19-10-2017 | EU

The AIVC is very pleased to announce the release of four new publications!

  • Contributed report 17: In the search of indices to evaluate the Indoor Air Quality of low-energy residential buildings

A report developed by Subtask 1 (ST1) of the IEA-EBC annex 68, summarising the approaches, developments and results achieved in this subtask.

A collection of 23 factsheets, specifically related to ventilation and airtightness issues, field data, and solutions, delivered in the framework of the EU QUALICHeCK project.

A summary of the discussions of the AIVC workshop on IAQ metrics held in March 2017

An analysis of policy instruments used and changes observed in practice in terms of building and ductwork airtightness, using as reference mostly publications from AIVC and TightVent led events from 2011-2015.