18-05-2023 |

This is a new monthly 60-minute program from ISIAQ/IEQ-GA that is being produced by Healthy Indoors®/IAQNET LLC.
The show is co-hosted by Healthy Indoors’ Founder & Publisher, Bob Krell, and current IEQ-GA President, Donald Weekes. They have real-world experience in a variety of subjects pertaining to the indoor environment, and they are adept at stewarding the conversation to make it both informative and enjoyable.

The Indoor Environments Show includes a live, virtual “studio audience” for the show on the new Healthy Indoors® Online Global Community online networking and information platform that links the industry worldwide. Viewers on that platform can comment and be selected to participate on camera in moderated discussions with our hosts and guests during the live broadcast. We are promoting truly dynamic conversations on this show. Our goal is to facilitate an unprecedented level of audience interaction that hasn’t typically been available with other industry shows or online events.

Episode-19: Air cleaners will feature Pawel Wargocki

You can watch the live stream broadcast on June 1, 2023 [11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET (UTC-5)] or watch the video recording/listen to the audio podcast after the event airs.

More information can be found at: https://global.healthyindoors.com/c/indoor-environments

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