07-11-2017 | EU

The International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities (IEA-EBC) Programme newsletter of November 2017 (Issue 66) has been released. The current edition includes an introduction of Canadian policies and movements, also with updates on EBC’s major R&D projects that cover ways to realise both better indoor air quality and higher energy efficiency, reconsideration of thermal comfort by using energy more wisely, and analysis of real energy use and relevant factors by using big data. In addition, the issue provides an update on EBC’s working Group on calculating HVAC energy use in non-residential buildings.

Featured articles include:

  • Canada Connects Policy with Technologies for a Nationwide Strategy
  • Indoor Air Quality Design in Low Energy Residential Buildings - Current project: EBC annex 68
  • Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Buildings - Current project: EBC annex 69
  • Big Data Discovery Science for Energy Efficient Buildings - Current project: EBC annex 70
  • Reliable Calculations for Energy Use in HVAC Systems - Current Working Group

Please visit the IEA EBC website to download the newsletter at: http://www.iea-ebc.org/publications/ebc-news/