22-05-2018 | EU

Annex 62 “Ventilative Cooling” of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme: Energy in Buildings and Communities, just released three new publications!

The Source Book, describes various elements necessary for the successful implementation of ventilative cooling systems in detail and gives hands on information on their application and control strategies. Furthermore algorithms for air flow estimation as well as key performance indicators are stated. Short summaries of national projects, ranging from the use of ventilative cooling application in schools and frozen food supermarkets to thermal comfort investigations, conducted within the course and by the participants of the annex are presented in the middle section of this document. The sourcebook also offers an overview of software simulation tools and their ability to represent ventilative cooling in thermal calculations and concludes with the comparison calculation of a test case scenario.

The Design Guide, provides an introduction to the principles of the ventilative cooling technology as well as methods to express and evaluate its potential and performance. The guide focuses on the design process and how calculation and simulation tools can be used for design, for design evaluation and for risk analysis. It also describes how to control ventilative cooling in the operation phase. By summarizing the outcome of the use of ventilative cooling in a number of case studies, it also illustrates typical designs, performance expectations and lessons learned.

The Case Studies, aggregates and summarises all 15 case study buildings collected in subtask C of the annex. This summary presents the key characteristics and information about the design, simulation and operational performance of the case study buildings. In addition, it compares the use of different ventilative cooling solutions in different buildings and different climates and provides a general introduction to the case study brochures where more detailed information is contained for each building.

All reports are available at: http://venticool.eu/annex-62-publications/deliverables/