06-06-2018 | EU

The June 2018 edition of the REHVA Journal has just been released, including a selection of articles presented at the 38th AIVC - 6th TightVent & 4th venticool Conference, 2017 “Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings” held on 13-14 September 2017 in Nottingham, UK.

Specific articles include:

  • Ventilative Cooling on the test bench – Learnings and conclusions from practical design and performance evaluation; Peter Holzer, Philipp Stern & Theofanis Psomas
  • Ventilative Cooling in International Case Studies – Lessons Learned; Paul D O’Sullivan, Adam O’Donovan, Guilherme Carrilho da Graca & Guoqiang Zhang
  • Study shows that unhealthy homes lead to reduced health; John Ashok, Andreas Hermelink, Nicolas Galiotto, Peter Foldbjerg, Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen & Jens Christoffersen
  • Analyses of 1,000 ductwork airtightness measurements in France; Adeline Bailly Mélois & Bassam Moujalled
  • Building and ductwork airtightness requirements in Europe; Valérie Leprince, François Rémi Carrié & Maria Kapsalaki
  • Affordable and replicable renovation of social housing fulfilling indoor climate and energy targets thanks to seven replicable renovation elements; Nicolas Galiotto, Peter Foldbjerg, Jens Christoffersen, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen & Sabine Pauquay
  • Reintroduction of Natural Ventilation to a Historic Opera House; Julia Thompson, Michael Donn & George Baird
  • Development of a compact Counterflow Heat Recovery Fan; Christoph Speer & Rainer Pfluger
  • Uncertainties due to steady wind in building pressurisation tests; Valérie Leprince & François Rémi Carrié

To download and read the full journal please visit: https://www.rehva.eu/publications-and-resources/rehva-journal/2018/032018.html