29-01-2021 |

On November 20th 2020, the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre  with support from ASHRAE and REHVA organized the webinar “COVID-19 Ventilation related guidance by ASHRAE and REHVA". 406 people from 42 countries attended the webinar.

Jarek Kurnitski – chair of REHVA COVID-19 task force– introduced the latest guidelines by REHVA and William P. Bahnfleth – chair of ASHRAE’s Epidemic task force– presented ASHRAE’s guidelines.  Valérie Leprince – member AIVC COVID-19 working group & ASHRAE’s Epidemic task force– had a closer look into the similarities and differences in both guidelines.

Due to the high numbers of attendance, there were several questions addressed to the speakers who did not manage to answer to all within the event’s timeframe.

In an effort to address all questions asked during the event, we developed a report including the edited transcripts of the answers given by the speakers during the event and providing answers to the non-answered questions.

The report can be found here together with the slides and the recordings of the webinar.