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Feedback from the AIVC 2018 conference

06-12-2018 | EU

More than 200 participants attended the joint 39th AIVC – 7th TightVent – 5th venticool conference held in Juan-Les-Pins, France on September 18-19, 2018. The programme consisted of 3 parallel sessions with contributions from 27 countries and international organisations. Around 150 presentations were given covering the main conference topics namely: Smart Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health relationships; Ventilation and (building) Airtightness; Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling.

It has also been a major discussion place for on-going or recently launched projects and initiatives such as the Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (, the IEA EBC annex 80 “Resilient Cooling” ( and the IEA EBC annex 78 “Supplementing Ventilation with Gas-phase Air Cleaning, Implementation and Energy Implications”(

The “Ventilative Cooling-Resilient Cooling” track at the AIVC 2018 conference consisted of 14 presentations organised in 3 sessions:

  1. Ventilative cooling
  2. Improving the efficiency of ventilative cooling
  3. IEA EBC Annex 80 on Resilient Cooling (topical session)


The article available here provides a summary of the main trends and conclusions addressed during the presentations and discussions on the topic of ventilative & resilient cooling.