14-11-2018 | EU

More than 200 participants attended the joint 39th AIVC – 7th TightVent – 5th venticool conference held in Juan-Les-Pins, France on September 18-19, 2018. The programme consisted of 3 parallel sessions with contributions from 27 countries and international organisations. Around 150 presentations were given covering the main conference topics namely: Smart Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health relationships,;Ventilation and (building) Airtightness; Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling.

It has also been a major discussion place for on-going or recently launched projects and initiatives such as the Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (http://ieq-ga.net/), the IEA EBC annex 80 “Resilient Cooling” (http://annex80.iea-ebc.org/) and the IEA EBC annex 78 “Supplementing Ventilation with Gas-phase Air Cleaning, Implementation and Energy Implications”( http://annex78.iea-ebc.org/).

The “Ventilation and (building) Airtightness” track at the AIVC 2018 conference consisted of 34 presentations organised in 6 sessions, 3 of which were topical sessions with a number of invited presentations:

  1. Analysing airtightness measurements
  2. Ductwork airtightness (topical session)
  3. Integrating uncertainties in declared airtightness results (topical session)
  4. New methodologies and improvements for airtightness
  5. Demand controlled ventilation
  6. Performance of heat recovery ventilation in practice (topical session)

The article available here provides a summary of the main trends and conclusions addressed during the presentations and discussions on the topic of building & ductwork airtightness. Selected presentations are grouped into 3 main themes: Airtightness measurement data; Solutions for ductwork airtightness and; Alternative methods for building airtightness testing.