24-05-2016 | EU

A special issue of the International Journal of Ventilation was released in March, 2016 with selected extended papers from the 35th AIVC Conference: “Ventilation and Airtightness in Transforming the Building Stock to High Performance”.


The list of articles includes:

  • Ventilation and Airtightness in Transforming the Building Stock to High Performance Extended Papers from the 35th AIVC Conference 2014 (Guest Editorial), Arnold Janssens & Andrzej Gorka
  • Non Dimensional Analysis and Characterisation of Driving Forces for a Single Sided Slot Louvre Ventilation System, Paul D O ’Sullivan & Maria Kolokotroni
  • Monitoring Results and Optimization of a Façade Integrated Ventilation Concept for Building Retrofit, Fabien Coydon, Maxime Duran, Arnulf Dinkel & Sebastian Herkel
  • Improving the Energy and IAQ Performance of Ventilation Systems in Dutch Dwellings, Ir. Rob C.A. van Holsteijn, Ir. William L. Li, Ir. Harm J.J. Valk & Ing. Wim Kornaat
  • Comparison of Two Ventilation Control Strategies in the First Passive House Standard Norwegian School, Axel Cablé, Hugo Lewi Hammer & Mads Mysen
  • Durability and Measurement Uncertainty of Airtightness in Extremely Airtight Dwellings, Wolf Bracke, Jelle Laverge, Nathan Van Den Bossche & Arnold Janssens
  • Large Buildings Airtightness Measurements using Ventilation Systems, Michał Szymański, Andrzej Górka & Radosław Górzeński
  • Measurement of Infiltration Rates from the Daily Cycle of Ambient CO2, João Dias Carrilho, Maria Rocheta Gomes, Mário Mateus, Stuart Batterman & Manuel Gameiro da Silva

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