15-06-2015 | EU

The Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) newsletter carries regular reports of energy policy development and research activities taking place in various countries. It contains updates on ongoing and planned research projects, features new publications and website information, as well as topical articles of a general nature. It is intended for those active in fields relating to operational energy saving for buildings and communities.

The EBC news Issue 61, June 2015 contains the following articles:

  • Portugal profits from energy labelling; 
  • Balancing energy demand and supply within future systems;
  • Implementation of energy strategies in communities; 
  • Low exergy communities;
  • Aerogel based insulating render for renovation;
  • Simulation of occupant behaviour in buildings;
  • EBC international projects.


Download the newsletter at: https://www.iea-ebc.org/publications/ebc-news