16-03-2016 | Denmark

The joint CLIMA 2016 and the 12th REHVA Conference will be held in Aalborg, Denmark on 22-25 May 2016. A specific session dealing with ventilation and air infiltration is organised by the AIVC. The session will take place in Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre meeting room 9, on Wednesday, May 25 from 13:00 to 14:30.

The title of the workshop is: “2020 Agenda for Ventilation and Air Infiltration: knowledge gaps, research priorities and the need for innovation”. It will attempt to look into the future needs concerning ventilation and air infiltration, including comfort and health and considering all building types and climates.

Specific presentations include:

  • Overview of research priorities using the input from stakeholders, Benjamin Jones, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Smart ventilation and beyond, examples of innovative ventilation solutions, Max Sherman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
  • Summary of the AIVC Technote on "Residential Ventilation and Health, research priorities and needs to realize energy efficient and healthy buildings”, Wouter Borsboom, TNO, The Netherlands
  • Overview of the possible future research agenda for ventilation and air infiltration based on the previous AIVC work and identified research gaps, Pawel Wargocki, DTU, Denmark


The presentations will be followed by discussion with the audience and voting.

The session is intended for all stakeholders interested in ventilation and infiltration, including industry, policy makers, practitioners, technicians and scientists.