TN 57: Residential Ventilation

Ventilation is required to provide to remove or dilute pollutants and incidentally meets metabolic oxygen requirements for occupants. In addition ventilation may also be required to provide oxygen for combustion devices and as a means of summer cooling.

Some problems in calculating ventilation heat losses. Problemy vypocti tepelne ztraty infiltraci.

Describes methods of calculating ventilation heat losses employed in several European countries. Compares them from standpoint of air change rates. Proposes calculation procedure for new Czechoslovak standard CSN 06 0210.

Air infiltration in high rise buildings Infiltrace vzduchu ve vyskovych budovach.

Provides results of measurements of air infiltration and natural air movement in 3 high rise buildings (flats, university, offices). Gives measurements of pressure differences at doors and windows and between windward and leeward sides of buildings. Determines air flow through selected rooms by CO2 concentration measurements. States that data have contributed information towards new edition of Czechoslovak standard CSN 06 0210 concerning infiltration heat loss calculation in buildings.