PMV-derived productivity model as a tool to assess productivity loss

A novel PMV index based productivity model is derived and it is used to estimate the effectsof different thermal conditions on productivity. Past research findings are used as inputs in thecreation of this productivity loss model. The PMV equation is useful to predict productivityloss that is due to the rate of change in thermal conditions. Using the model prediction, thetheoretical maximum level of productivity occurs when the PMV value is -0.21. Admitting a30% productivity loss in typing-task, the model predicts PMV value ought to be at least+0.63.

Productivity and fatigue

For a long time in the history of the productivity study, the effects of environmental factors onlyon the performance had been focused. However, previous studies on the impact of theenvironment upon performance of mental tasks generally conclude that productivity research issomewhat confusing because the results are sometimes conflicting. In the controlled chamber,subjects may be highly motivated for a short time period, so it is very difficult to find thedifference of performances. In this paper, we introduce a second parameter : fatigue. Threesubjective experiments are reported.