Measurements of air leakage through clamped joints

Laboratory measurements have been performed to investigate the airtightness of clamped joints in the wind- and vapour layers. Air leakage was measured immediately after mounting with moisture content of the wooden members at approximately 17 weight %, and after drying down to approx. 7 weight %. It was found that screws as fasteners provided better airtightness than nails. Center distance of 600 mm resulted in general higher air leakages than shorter center distances like 300 mm or 150 mm.

Contribution of indoor exposed massive wood to a good indoor climate : in situ measurement campaign

The aim of the study is to evaluate the possibility of ensuring an indoor climate within an acceptable range thanks to the use of large exposed massive wood surfaces. The description of the experimental study performed in four occupied flats of a multi-storey residential building in Sweden is made in this paper along .The analysis of the in-situ recordings is presented too.

Indoor air problems in Asia.

Wood smoke.