Key findings of four years of research on Ventilative Cooling and how it is done

Over the course of the four-year research project of the IEA EBC Annex 62, Ventilative Cooling (VC) has been proven a robust and highly energy efficient solution to support summer comfort in both residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore our findings show that VC can be successfully applied in both cool and warm temperate climates. 

Ventilative Cooling on the test bench - Learnings and conclusions from practical design and performance evaluation

Based on 3 short time performance measurements, 4 visits together with user-interviews, 3 involvements in Ventilative Cooling (VC)-building-design, 2 long-term case studies and 11 expert interviews the paper presents a list of key performance-indicators of successful Ventilative-Cooling solutions as well as challenges together with examples of their successful overcoming.

Information has been collected from projects located in Austria, using Ventilative Cooling, both natural and mechanical ventilation, in both residential and office buildings, mainly in urban surroundings.