TN 72: Ventilation Requirements and Rationale behind. Standards and Regulations of dwellings, office rooms and classrooms

Many differences exist between countries in the requirements and regulations for ventilation of dwellings, offices, classrooms and other spaces. Sometimes the variation of the ventilation requirements for the same building type between countries is more than a factor of five. There are strong drivers, e.g., climate change, to reduce energy consumption for HVAC and therefore these variations are worth examining. Before reducing ventilation rates, it is critical to understand the reasons behind them.

Modern History of Indoor Air Quality (1973-Present)

This presentation will summarize the last forty-five years of indoor air quality (IAQ) studies, investigations and research from the first energy crisis in the USA in the 1970’s to the latest issues with regards to climate change and its effect on IAQ. The initial occupant complaints about the quality of the air in buildings coincided with changes in infiltration and ventilation in buildings. In particular, the first ASHRAE 62 Standard was issued in 1973, and then substantially changed in the 1981 version.