Save energy and still have excellent indoor air quality.

By using balanced, mechanical ventilation with a high efficiency regenerative heat exchanger it is possible to achieve twice the ventilation rote required by the Norwegian Building Code, and still consume less than half the normal amount of energy. This is the conclusion drawn from extensive measurements made in a Norwegian single Family home last winter. The measurements were made by the EMTEK-programme, which is a Norwegian government programme to promote the introduction of energy efficient products.

Characterizing the performance of residential air distribution systems.

Approximately 35% of US single-family houses contain forced-air heating and cooling ducts that pass through unconditioned spaces. These duct systems have been shown to have a potentially large. Influence on energy use and ventilation rates. To investigate the parameters affecting the performance of these systems, a 31-house field study of distribution-system performance based on diagnostic measurements was performed in California, and an integrated airflow and thermal simulation tool was developed.

Designing for natural ventilation.

A passive solution.