Demand controlled ventilating systems - practical tests.

As part of the IEA Research Program Annex 18 "Demand Controlled Ventilating Systems" were tested in a one-family testhouse in relating to energy and ventilating specific aspects. The investigation should show whether demand controlled systems are useful in dwellings or not. Following items were checked: * Infiltration characteristics of the testhouse * Ventilation characteristics of different systems like temperature distribution, air movement, ventilating efficiency, air exchange and air quality.

Ventilation efficiency assessment in residential buildings.

Ventilation efficiency may be defined as the capability of a given ventilation system to achieve the best balance between indoor air quality and energy conservation requirements:

Temperature efficiency , air change efficiency and ventilation efficiency in an office room with displacement ventilation.

A field study of temperature efficiency, air change efficiency and ventilation efficiency in an office room with a displacement ventilation system has been made. The air change efficiency and the ventilation efficiency have been determined by using a tracer gas (N20) technique.  Concentrations have been measured at four heights in the room and in the supply and exhaust air.