Revision of the Inertia Concept in the Use of Free Heat Gains. Solar Radiation.

The utilization factor is a relative well-known concept used in some simplified calculation methodssuch as the procedure described in the CEN EN-13790 where the FU depends on the inertia of thezone. In this paper we will analyse the inertia influence of each component of the zone in the inertia ofthe zone itself. With the results of this study, we will be able to know where to act if we desire to ariseor diminish the whole thermal inertia of a room. The present paper starts analysing the energy storedand released in building components as walls.

A method to evaluate the savings from domestic solar water heating systems

A review of the solar water heating equations in the BRE Domestic Energy Model was carried out using data from a recent monitoring project. The savings predicted by the model did not match the test data well, so improved equations were devised. Predictions from the new method were then tested against the measured savings from monitored systems and found to match the test data much better.