Energy saving in existing multifamily houses. The residential association Hultet, Partille. Energibesparing i befintliga flerfamiljshus. Bostadsrattsforeningen Hultet, Partille.

Examines providing some existing multifamily houses with mechanical ventilation with heat exchanger by installing new inlet air ducts to bring back the heat contents of the outlet air. 

Interaction of joint ventilation with transmission heat loss of windows Zur Wechselwirkung zwischen Fugenluftung und Transmissionswarmeverlusten von Fenstern

States that with double and triple glazed windows the air flow through the joints reduces the transmission heat flux. This has the effect of lowering the heat load and in particular the annual heat energy demand. The same phenomenon occurs when the windows are covered with shutters at night. Provides calculation equations.

Effects of energy conservation measures in existing buildings.

Investigates the effect of energy-saving measures by selecting a large number of multi-family and single-family swedish houses where such measures have been carried out. Energy saving methods include insulation of external walls and attics, triple glazing windows, and installation of radiator thermostatic valves. Concludes that these modifications have, in average, led to anticipated savings when they have been modified individually. Also considers moisture problems arising in retrofitted houses, and the effectiveness of different types of weatherstrips in energy conservation.

The contribution of window insulation (weatherstripping) to energy conservation. Energibesparing genom fonsterisolering.

Presents a review of the literature and a survey of the various types of window insulation systems and methods which are available, together with notes on experience of their use. The potentials of selective coatings on glass are discussed and comparisons between triple-glazed windows and window insulation are presented.< The survey serves as a feasability study for a larger project of which the object is to investigate the size of the savings which are possible with insulation of windows under varying conditions.