TN 13.1: 1984 Wind Pressure Workshop - Proceedings


TN 13: Wind Pressure Data Requirements for Air Infiltration Calculations

A review of the problems associated with satisfying the wind pressure data requirements of air infiltration models.

TN 11: The Validation and Comparison of Mathematical Models of Air Infiltration

Contains analyses of ten models developed in five participating countries. These range in complexity from 'single-cell' to 'multi-cell' approaches. Also contains numerical and climatic data for fourteen dwellings compiled to produce three key datasets which were used in model validation study.

TN 10: Techniques and instrumentation for the measurement of air infiltration in buildings

Air infiltration and ventilation heat loss can account for a substantial proportion of a buildlng's space heating demand. Therefore, in the planning of energy conservation measures, the influence of air exchange demands very careful consideration. Unfortunately, air infiltration is particularly difficult to measure. This is because not only is it dependent on building airtightness, and hence the quality of construction, but it is also significantly influenced by prevailing climatic conditions, surrounding terrain and the actions of occupants.

TN 8: A subject analysis of the AIC's bibliographic database - AIRBASE (2nd edition)

The Air Infiltration Centre's database, AIRBASE, contains full bibliographic details and concise, informative abstracts in English of published papers covering air infiltration in buildings and related subjects. 

TN 6: Reporting format for the measurement of air infiltration in buildings

One of the aims of the Air lnfiltration Centre is to encourage the collection and dissemination of air infiltration data arising from programmes of research and experimental investigation. This task can be made much easier and more effective if the relevant test information and results are presented in a comprehensive and uniform manner.

This standardised reporting format has been produced to provide a common method for research workers to set out their experimental data, so making the information easy to extract for subsequent analysis or mathematical model development.

TN 5.4: Air Infiltration Glossary - English / Dutch - Nederlands / Engels

The glossary gives the translation (English/Dutch - Dutch/English) of more than 1000 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation.

This document is intended for use as a supplement to AIRGLOSS (AIVC TN 5). All terms in AIRGLOSS are included together with some supplementary materials for which definition was considered superfluous.

TN 5.3: Air Infiltration Glossary - Italian edition

This document is the Italian translation of the AIRGLOSS (AIVC TN 5).

The glossary provides the definition of 700 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation (including formulas). The intention of the document is to promote a more uniform use of terms in the area of ventilation.

The Glossary consists of main terms with definitions followed by any subsidiary terms. The main terms are in alphabetic order.