New release! AIVC Ventilation Information Paper #43: Residential ventilation and health

We are happy to announce the release of AIVC's Ventilation Information Paper no 43: Residential ventilation and health. This paper briefly presents the key outcomes of the AIVC Technical Note 68 (TN 68) "Residential Ventilation and Health”, in an effort to ease the dissemination of this key AIVC publication. The document starts with an overview of pollutants in domestic dwellings that have been measured, prioritizes pollutants for mitigation in the indoor environment and identif


VIP 43: Residential ventilation and health

AIVC Technical Note 68 (TN 68) "Residential Ventilation and Health” is one of the outcomes of the work performed under the framework of AIVC’s project “Ventilation & Health” and benefited from contributions by several authors and many structured discussions held during specific sessions at AIVC events. TN 68 summarised studies that prioritise pollutants in the indoor environment and presented a