Thermal Sensation of Thai Students in an Air Conditioned Space with a Pond Type Water Source and Air Velocity Step Change

This paper investigates thermal sensation in an air conditioned space with and without a water source such as a water pond and small fountain in Thailand. Questionnaires were collected from experiments involving 140 subjects divided into groups of 6-14 people sitting in controlled rooms of sequences of air velocity with and without a water source. Furthermore, another 41 subjects participated in a room with a large picture of a waterfall and were later exposed to a water source.

Thermal comfort in primary schools: a field study in Chile

This paper presents the first results of a field study on thermal comfort in school buildings that is been carried out in Chile, with the aim of determining comfort temperature of students in state-owned primary schools.  The paper presents the results of four schools located in Santiago, a city with low temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer, which are typically free-running, as they have neither a heating nor a cooling system.