Modelling and simulation of the thermal behaviour of a dwelling under Allan.

This paper describes the modelling and the experimental validation under ALLAN™ Simulation software 3 of a dwelling subjected to actual indoor and outdoor conditions. The construction of the global model is made in two steps:

Case studies of energy consumption in residential buildings in Russia's middle belt area

This paper describes the analytical results of heating energy consumption monitoring and the determinationof heat protection levels for both single-family and multi-family buildings in Russia. Experiments have been jointly conducted by Russian and American researchers from the Research Institute for Building Physics, Gosstroy of Russia, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The paper describes qualimetric methods which provide a quantitative estimation of thermal and energy performance by using instrumental facilities and non-destructive methods.

An energy saving breast-wall panel for office buildings

The present study intends to optimize the concept of a breast-wall panel while conciliating the architectural aspects and energy saving strategies of non residential buildings. Thus, the panel will permit besides a recovering of solar energy gains during the winter as in a classical Trombe wall (but without is thermal inertia) a reduction of solar energy inputs during summer. In order to estimate its thermal performance, a simplified model was developed predicting energy savings both in winter and in summer periods.