Checking of ventilation rates by CO2 monitoring.

The present paper presents results from measurements of outdoor airflow rates and air change rates carried out simultaneously with measurements of the indoor concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) . The measurements were made both under controlled laboratory conditions and in the field. The field experiments were performed in a conference room, an assembly hall and an office room, and the laboratory investigation was carried out in a 19 m³ test chamber.

Cooling performance of silent cooling systems built by free convective coolers.

For the planning of "silent cooling" systems built by free convective coolers, it is necessary to support characteristic data for the cooling performance and the effect of different installation and operating parameters on the cooling performance. At the "Institut für Angewandte Thermodynamik und Klimatechnik" at the University of Essen measurements of the cooling performance of free convective coolers were carried out by using a testing chamber as well an enlarged and modified testing room with dimensions near to practise.