Validation of a Digital Twin with Measurement Data

The research objectives of this study are to develop and validate a detailed simulation model of a test cell which was used to measure heat balances for comfort evaluation. 

Ventilation effectiveness in a two-zone experimental cell.

Describes a study based on experimental work carried out in the full-size MiniBat experimental cell, comprising two zones separated by a wall and a door. Experiments were carried out in a steady state, under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions, with a heating system and a manikin. To determine ventilation effectiveness the tracer gas method was used. It was injected into zone 1 and two positions were examined. The study concluded that the heating system favoured the mixing of the air in the cell, which means that the ventilation effectiveness was always close to one.

Experimental testing of a ventilated roof component for energy saving in cooling.

A Ventilated roof component was built and tested in the outdoor testing facilities (Test Cells) of CRES, Greece. A conventional Greek roof structure of the same area was also installed in the roof of the Test Cell allowing simultaneous measurements in order to perform a comparative study of the performance of the two parts. Different configurations in the Ventilated roof were investigated, like ventilation air gap height and application of a radiant barrier. The tests carried out under summer weather conditions will be discussed in this paper.

Validation of a computational fluid dynamics simulation of a supply air 'ventilated' window.

A currently unresolved problem in building design is the paradox between increasing demandfor good thermal insulation, and the requirement for ample levels of ventilation, to maintain ahealthy indoor environment. A possible solution to this problem is a supply air ventilatedwindow. This utilises an airflow between panes to pre-heat ventilation air to the building, andto reduce thermal convection losses thus reducing the window U-Value. At the base of thewindow is a vent to the external environment, allowing air inflow.